Jewelry Traveling Tips

School is almost out and Summer Vactions will be in full swing!!

Here at Z's, we wanted to give you some jewelry travel tips you can use to keep your precious jewels safe and in great condition!

Here are our TOP 10 TIPS for Traveling with Your Bling:



10. Photograph your Jewelry

Take a quick pic with your phone of the pieces you are traveling with...that way if something gets lost or stolen you have evidence to prove it's yours when it is recovered!

9. If you are taking your expensive pieces, make sure they are insured first!

 We do appraisals here if you need one for your insurance and we highly reccomend Perfect Circle by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for an affordable policy.

8. String your necklaces through plastic drinking straws to keep them from getting tangled


7. Don't take too much...sometimes less is more!  

Try traveling with our Kameleon Jewelry can take one necklace and one ring with your compact of different colored pops and change them out to match your outfits!  Shop the entire collection here!

6. Keep earring sets together using buttons like this...


5. Don't Swim in your Jewelry!

Chlorine is damaging to metals like platinum, gold and silver not to mention you don't want to loose your wedding band in the ocean on your honeymoon!!

 If you don't want that wedding ring finger to be "naked" on your next surfing or scuba adventure, check out our QALO silicone bands for men and women

4. Don't leave your jewelry sitting out in your hotel room!  

Most have a safe in room so tuck your valuables like jewelry, passports and iPads away in there.   If your room doesn't have one you can take your jewelry down to the front desk where they will have safe deposit boxes avialable for you.

3.  Have a safe and protected place for your jewelry to travel

We love these super cute drawstring jewelry pouches with lots of pockets and have some avaialbe in store!


2. If your house will be vacant, take your jewelry to a friend or family member you trust or to your safe deposit box

Thieves watch for when you go on vacation and love to break in and steal your valuables!

 Keep your heirloom jewelry safe by not even having it there while you are gone.

and the #1 Tip for Traveling with Your Bling...

NEVER EVER check your jewelry in your luggage...always pack it in your carry on bag and keep it with you at all times!


Have fun this summer and safe travels!!